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  • Film (Movie) Scriptwriter,
  • Script Doctor (editor)
  • Film Story Developer
  • TV Shows' Producer
  • TV Executive Producer
  • Horror Novel Writer
  • Advertisement Writer
  • Computer Magazines Columnist
  • Computer & Decoration Magazines
  • Senior & Manager Editor


 He was born in 1975 in Gaziantep. He travelled to many cities in Anatolia due to his father's civil service.He started his education life in Diyarbakır and completed it in İzmir Atatürk High School, which in 1883, one of the oldest high schools in İzmir. Uludag University Faculty of Economics and Administrative SciencesAfter graduating from the Department of International Relations, Istanbul University Faculty of Business AdministrationHe attended the English MBA program.
One of America's most famous computer magazines in 1999.He started his career in the media sector as an assistant editor-writer at the Turkey branch of PC World, which is the first, and after working as an editor in PC Life and Net Life magazines, He was appointed as the head of the Turkey branch of the Israel-based HomeLife Decoration Magazine and assumed Managing Editor-Author. He joined TGRT in 2002 as a production assistant. 
After working in children's, music, competition, women's and entertainment programs, he became a producer of economy programs when TGRT Haber TV.After TGRT became Fox TV, he continued his work as a producer at Fox TV.In 2007, he founded his own production company, Gaza Film, and made a health program for HaberTürk TV as a foreign production.
His grandfather, a village teacher who graduated from the Village Institute, told him the horror stories he heard in remote corners of Anatolia since his childhood. 
He started to be interested in horror stories and horror movies from the age of 9.He shot three short horror films in his first year at TGRT. Although he contributed a little in the storytelling stage to the horror films that had great success in Turkey, he realized the value of being a screenwriter when both screenwriters and producers excluded him because he was not a professional screenwriter. A certified screenwriter who attended the Screenwriting course opened by the Turkish Script Writers Association in 2006 and received training has been. 
After this training and certificate, she participated in Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival and Eurasia International Film Festivals twice (2006 and 2007). He learned how to be a part of international screenplay teams by participating in scenario workshops given by world-renowned French screenwriters within the scope of Eurasia Film Festivals.He participated in the 44th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival in 2007 with his first feature-length horror film script, Horror Stories from Anatolia, Part1: The Forest of Ghouls. The biggest stand of the festival, the Turkish Films Stand, is the terrifying film he designed. Exhibited the giant poster with a ghoul's face, accompanied by brochures in 3 languages(English,Turkish,French)  Three thousand brochures, on the front page of the terrible monster in the sign, were bought by film professionals from various world countries within the first half-hour.
 Famous horror filmmakers of France wanted to shoot this script as a Turkish-French co-production with an extensive fund from the European Film Fund EuroImage. Still, the Turkish producers at that time, who the scriptwriter offered, did not want to make a joint film due to their lack of vision. Upon the Turkish producers' refusal to make a collective film, the screenwriter went to Los Angeles, the USA, in 2008, upon the invitation of the representative of the American company, which distributes various European horror films in the USA and is also the producer.
The screenwriter, who has been living in the USA since 2008 and comes to Turkey from time to time to visit his family, continues to work in Hollywood as he regrets seeing that Turkish producers have not changed the barren, visionless world view he still left in 2007.The screenwriter, specialising in horror and science fiction films, also works as a script doctor and script consultant.

Pricing Table

Creating Film Story


  • Completely original stories!
  • Shocking movie finales unlike any you've seen anywhere!
  • Developing your unfinished stories!
  • Writing the stories for the sequels!
  • Creating very original TV series stories! !
  • Creating a shocking sezon finale for TV series!
  • Creating brand new stories by changing the genres of well-known stories (from a fairy tale to science fiction, from a comedy to horror, from a tragedy to comedy) to create movie scenarios
  • It's my job to create shocking and very interesting Movie Story!
    Filmmakers and        Directors,        you are in the Right Place!

Film Script Writing


  • Blood-curdling original horror movie scripts
  • Zombie, Vampire, Werewolf, Djinn,Ghost themed scenarios
  • Scenarios of mythological creatures from Anatolian culture Turkish, Islamic, Persian, Arabic
  • Gulyabani (ghoul), Hortlak (undead& zombie), Cin (genie& djinn), Peri (fairy), iblis (demon), Cadi (witch)
  • Alien horror scenarios set in space
  • Block buster 
    science-fiction film scenarios
  • Bloodthirsty, forest, lake, swamp, sea monsters, jaws, piranhas, mutants
  • Serial killer, psychological horror film scripts
  • War & Action film scenarios
  • War horror, war sci-fi scenarios
  • Detective & mystery scenarios
  • Detective horror, mystery horror scenarios
  • Low budget horror film scenarios  
  • Absurd horror, 
    Horror comedy scenarios

Customization & Adoptation


  • Transferring the novel you have written to a movie script (cinema film scenario) by me
  • $ 25000
  • Transfer of the novel you wrote to the TV series script by me .
  • 1 season price
    13 episodes,max 45 minutes per episode $400000
  • The cost of rewriting a well-known literary work by changing its genre. From comedy to horror,From history to sci-fi From tragedy to ridicule$ 15000
  • Screenplay doctoring by me for the scenarios you have written.
  • Reading the 90-minute script, evaluation fee write a maximum of 2 pages of reviews $ 1000
  • 100-minute script $ 1100
  • 110-minute script $ 1200
  • 120-minute script $ 1300
  • For scenarios longer than 120 minutes, there is a $200 reading fee for every additional 10 minutes.
  • Each review page of more than 2 pages costs $500.
  • A maximum of 5 pages of evaluation& recommendation is written.